How much sleep should my baby/toddler be getting?

How much sleep should my baby be getting? I’m sure every mom has wondered this at some point. Of course all babies are different but here is a general timeline of the amount of sleep based on age.

The key thing to always watch for is awake time. You should be watching your baby (especially in the first year) for signs of being tired and look to start doing the nap or bedtime routine when you see them. If your baby is not tired enough or overtired it will be much harder for them to settle on their own.

Signs of tired to watch for include: being less interested, gazing into the distance, fussing, rubbing eyes, pulling on ears, yawning, and crying. Crying is a late sign and it will be harder to calm your baby down and have them fall asleep on their own if they’ve reached the crying stage. Keep your eyes peeled for the earlier signs, especially in very young babies (0-6 months). Another perfect reason to stare at your sweet little baby. 

Age Total hours of sleep per 24 hNumber of napsAwake time
0-3 months16-204-645-60 mins
3-4 months15-183-51-1.5 hours
5-6 months14-162-32-3 hours
7-13 months13-1523-4 hours
14 months– 3 years12-141*4-6 hours

*the average age to drop the nap is 2.5 years old

As always, message me if you have questions or need support in making an ideal sleep plan for your specific precious baby.


How much sleep would YOU like to get everyday???
Me? I like 9-10 hours. That is my happy place. ☺️

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