This business has given me the opportunity to do something I LOVE. It has allowed me to help moms who were at the point of exhaustion and reached out for help. I was able to walk along side them with a plan and some encouragement. In the end I got to hear these testimonies of how much better life felt now that everyone was getting the sleep they needed. It is amazing to know I helped a family to wake up feeling refreshed! Check out these success stories below!

"I thought my little guy was a decent sleeper. We were getting a solid 3-4 hour stretches and 3-4 feeds a night. Then it drastically changed after he turned 14 weeks old. He started waking every 1.5 - 2 hours every night and the only way I could get him to fall back asleep was to feed him or let him suckle. Because we were co-sleeping it was so hard to get any sleep myself. The only way he would nap was on me and sometimes in his swing. The next thing I knew, all the things that once worked to get him to sleep just didn't work anymore, like bouncing, rocking, and shushing to sleep. It would take me anywhere from 20-40 minutes to get him to fall asleep before I'd cave and give him my boob to sleep. Only to have him wake up in less than 40 minutes and wake up miserable. Bedtime was a nightmare. It would take me over an hour to get him to sleep. Once he was asleep I wouldn't dare move. I spent day and night attached to my boy. I was exhausted and depressed. I didn't have any alone time or space for myself to just breathe. After just ONE night working with Amy I knew this was the right choice. He went down for naps like a champ and was sleeping over an hour for the majority of his naps. It was literally night & day. He started sleeping 6-7 hours straight without waking to feed at night. He went from 3-4 feeds a night to just 1 a night. He now goes to bed within minutes and loves getting ready for bed. He is a completely different baby and I am a completely different mom. I truly couldn't have done this without Amy's guidance. I probably asked her a million questions and she was so patient with me and answered them all. I am forever grateful to her and everything she did for our family. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family."
Edmonton, AB
"Best. Decision. Ever. The only question my husband and I repeatedly ask ourselves with regards to sleep training is "why didn't we do this sooner or with the other kids?" Over the years I had read extensively about sleep training, the different theories, methods, pros and cons etc. but never felt mentally or emotionally prepared to put any of the information into action. When baby girl #4 arrived in May we were pleasantly surprised and a bit shocked that she slept so much! The real sleep deprivation didn't start until she was 4 months old. After years of sleepless nights with the other girls I really wasn't looking forward to this "phase"...and then I met Amy! Although I "knew" the theories and methodologies behind sleep training I also knew that I needed some coaching and would need the support to follow through with the process. Our experience with Amy at Refresh Sleep Solutions was 5stars +++. She took the time to get to know our family and our unique sleep situation, came up with an easy to follow plan and provided the perfect amount of support along the way. Within a few nights our little one (who was 7 months old at the time) was falling asleep on her own with minimal fussing and soothed herself back to sleep during her wake cycles during the night! We cut out night feeds, got rid of her soother and swaddle all in one go and it was brilliant! Two months later and I'm happy to report that our little one is still sleeping through the night and falls asleep on her own once we put her in her crib. We've been granted the gift of sleep and for this we are eternally grateful and thankful for Refresh Sleep Solutions. "
-Sacha and Peter
Edmonton, AB
“We used Amy with Refresh Sleep Solutions when our baby girl was 7 months old. The first problem that we addressed was having her sleep longer into the morning. She would constantly wake up at 4:30/5am and be awake in her crib crying. The second problem we address was longer naps, so I could get rest and things in the house done. Amy was able to address these problems in a way that made us feel comfortable. She is patient, professional, works with you during any situation (my baby was sick twice during our sleep training and Amy adjusted our plan accordingly), and replies quickly. I would recommend Amy to anyone, as she worked wonders for us!"
Calgary, AB
"My husband and I were skeptical to hire a sleep therapist and spend the time and money for something we were not sure would even work, but we couldn’t continue with our current situation. Our only daughter of 18 months was waking every 1-3 hours and crying/screaming nonstop. It was so frustrating when we tried absolutely everything in the books and still no change. We even tried prescription medication to help her sleep. This continued into the daytime where she was overtired and cranky and we were burnt out. I was irritable and had no patience for my little girl but didn’t know how to help her. After a couple months of this I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was frustrated and found myself having daily breakdowns. This was the point I called Amy for help because I couldn’t go another day. Amy had a conference call with my husband and I, where she thoroughly went through a strict routine and set us up for what little did we know would be a life changing experience. She was so supportive of everything we had been through and right there to help us get through this obstacle. A couple days into the routine, we noticed a difference in our little girl as well as ourselves. She was getting a good night’s rest and happy during the day and we were finally getting sleep. We were shocked that something finally worked, and it has changed everything. Amy is just what we needed as first-time parents and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and caring person. She was constantly in contact with us and checking in consistently. Thank you so much for giving us our life back and giving our little girl one of the most important things for her development."
Edmonton, AB
“Amy pretty much got my life back. My son would only sleep on me, and I could only put him to sleep by breastfeeding. I got him co-sleeping with me which at the time I thought was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I researched all the sleep training out there, but I didn’t know which one to pick that was best for us. I needed someone to guide me and reassure me that he was going to be okay. Then we met Amy. On the first night my son was sleeping in his crib, and I got to sleep with my husband. The first few nights were tough, but with Amy’s help and encouragement, we did it. My son did so well. My husband, who was very sceptical about paying someone to help with sleep, was convinced on the first night because I felt confident doing it. Amy made sure we were all doing okay through it all. She even helped me after the two weeks. She is amazing. My son is currently sleeping 12 hours a night and his naps are on schedule. We are one happy and rested family. I highly recommend Amy!”
Edmonton, AB
"Before my husband and I had the opportunity to work with Amy at Refresh Sleep Solutions, we were exhausted from the continual night wakings, and lack of naps that our baby was having. The lack of sleep took away from our enjoyment of being with our baby. Spending so much time every night trying to get our little one to sleep also took away from our time together. When I was referred to Amy’s website, it became very clear to us that we needed to seek her assistance. This was the best decision that we made, as it has provided us with much more sleep and more time for each other. We are now feeling well-rested and look forward to the mornings when we can go to our baby who is, also, awake and refreshed from a great FULL night’s sleep. Thank you, Amy, for being there to answer any and all of our questions, and for giving us our nights back!"
Edmonton, AB
"Before working with Amy I was struggling with my 4 month old, Carter. He wouldn’t sleep for more than 30-45 minutes day or night. The only way he would sleep longer than that was if he was asleep beside me in my bed, but even then I would only get 1-2 hours at a time from him. It definitely was safe to say I was struggling and desperate, and that lack of sleep was severely impacting my mental and physical health. Not only was I struggling, but my husband and two year old son were also feeling the effects of this tough time. I reached out to Amy and from start to finish she made this journey so simple. She sent me all of the info up front for me to read over and had an answer for every single question I had. She made it so easy and personalized it for me and my family. She always had the perfect response to our scenario when I would reach out and ask “what would Amy do?!” Within the first week Carter was averaging 1-1.5 hour naps, by himself in his crib, and was easily putting himself to sleep for all of those naps. He went from waking 4-6 times per night to 2, and eventually only once for a feed. By the end of the second week Carter was sleeping 1.5-2 hours for his naps 3 times a day like clockwork. I never thought in a million years that my grumpy boy would be capable of this but with Amy’s help the dream of sleep became a reality. When the time came that he slept fully through the night I woke up in a state of happiness that my body, brain and family all needed! Going forward we would not be the happy family we are today without the help of Amy!! Thanks again Amy!"
Edmonton, AB
"We went to Refresh Sleep Solutions when our 9 month old daughter was taking many hours to fall asleep. Often she wouldn't go down until at least midnight and she would be grumpy and tired the rest of the day. It meant no time without children and it was exhausting. We had a camping trip planned and were considering cancelling it because of my daughter's sleeping habits. After we spoke with Amy and developed a plan, our daughter slept through the night almost right away! The camping trip went smoothly and our daughter slept better than our 3 year old! We are so pleased now that our daughter is sleeping and only wish we had contacted Refresh Sleep Solutions sooner. Amy has great communication skills and kept in contact with us the whole time. Thanks so much, Amy!"
Edmonton, AB
“Our daughter had been sleep trained by my husband and I when she was 7 months old. Things were going ok, but then suddenly after she turned 8 months, something changed. She started crying to sleep every night and would wake up at 5 or 5:30 am. We tried so many different things and could not get her to stop crying to sleep or waking up early. I was so sad because I did not know how to help my daughter. Plus, both my husband and I were exhausted from trying everything to help her. When I was talking to a close friend about this, she recommended Amy from Refresh Sleep Solutions. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to get professional help! After she gathered all the details about my daughter, she came up with an easy to follow schedule, provided one on one support and a weekly touch base to review how things were going. Within no time, my daughter stopped crying to sleep and started sleeping until 6:30-7 am! It was a miracle! Our daughter knew how to fall asleep, knew what to do, but we did not have the right schedule set up for her. Changing her nap times and pushing her bedtime later meant she was getting the right amount of day time sleep to help her night time sleep! Finally, we were all sleeping well again! Sansa is now 13 months and still following the same schedule and thriving! I cannot thank Amy enough for her support throughout this process! Not only was she an absolute joy to work with, but also I felt that she truly cared about me and my family overall. After working with Amy, our family could start enjoying life and having fun together again! We stopped stressing about sleep!”
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Edmonton, AB
"With my second child, I wanted to hire a sleep trainer, vs doing it myself. I was interested to know whether or not it made a difference seeing as though I sleep trained my first child on my own. Well, it did! I researched several different sleep trainers but ultimately chose Amy from Refresh as she was who I became most comfortable with. She is knowledgeable and efficient! She supported me basically 24/7 for 2 weeks (with a few questions before and after that period) to ensure Emmett got onto a schedule that worked for our family. He now sleeps 7pm-7am with no night wakings and goes to bed for naps and night time with zero (I mean zero) effort! Amy taught us how to get onto the 'eat - play - sleep' schedule and it’s helped us significantly! It’s been a whole month now and he hasn’t regressed whatsoever. We are one happy family! Thanks Amy!"
Edmonton, AB
“Before working with Refresh Sleep Solutions, Nohl was unable to nap on his own or sleep for long periods at night. He consistently woke up wanting a bottle, soother or cuddle. Having 2 older children made it challenging to tend to Nohl. I was often tired from waking so much at night and it was hard to establish a routine during the day. I found myself giving into the crying just to settle him. I was exhausted all the time. I really wanted a routine. When I first sat with Amy, I knew I was making the right first step. Even though I am a mother to 3 boys, Nohl is my first child to be sleep trained. Sitting with Amy, listening to a plan and knowing she had sleep trained her own kids was encouraging. By day 2, Nohl was already sleeping through the night without a bottle, soother or cuddle. I now have more time for my older kids. I don't have to lay with Nohl like I did before, which ranged from 10 minutes to over an hour sometimes just to get him to sleep. I am so grateful for Amy's support. Nohl did struggle with his napping routine throughout our support period, but Amy was so encouraging and supportive. She asked her mentor questions and she never gave up trying new strategies. After two months, Nohl does now nap in his crib! I have a routine to my days and a lot more energy for my family."
Edmonton, AB
"Before working with Amy, our son could have several naps (30 min to 3 hrs each time) in a day by laying on a pillow on our lap in a rocking chair or by lying with him; bedtime was late (approximately 10:30 pm) and required me to lay with him in our bed. There was also one late night feed between 3-5 am. We would try moving our son from our lap to his crib after a certain length of time to try to get him used to his own bed, but more often than not this would wake him. At some point, we just gave up and gave in to the lap napping. It was tough because of course, while he was napping, there was nothing else getting done. I had to align my bedtime with his. Although some comforting was required on the first night, it was encouraging to see our son get through it without a feed and it was nice to have our bed to ourselves again. As the first week progressed, we saw that he was adapting fairly well to the bedtime routine - he was sleeping longer and could sleep through the nights without needing to be comforted by mom or dad. We knew that we were doing the right thing for all of us. After three weeks, our son sleeps through the night in his crib, getting approximately 11 hrs. We are still working on lengthening his naps (under 45 mins). I can be more productive while he naps and enjoy evenings for me time as well as time to connect with my husband. Amy is very accessible, caring and understanding. She is also patient, knowledgeable, accommodating and supportive. I think the service she provides is fantastic! Thank you, Amy ❤ "
Airdrie, AB
“My youngest, Ayla was a great sleeper for the first 8 months. The initial joy of co-sleeping turned into a trap and in spite of our efforts we couldn’t get our baby to sleep in her crib. To add to the matter, her sleeping habits changed once she turned 9 months, she was having a hard time falling asleep (with me, laying next to her sometimes for an hour each time), she was waking up at night wide awake and staying up for hours… I felt like my days completely revolved around trying to get her to sleep, with little success and abundance of frustration. I was very tired and very impatient with the rest of my family. After a stretch of several nights of little sleep I was ready to try something else. I called Amy with Refresh Sleep Solution. She created a simple, easy to follow schedule and gave us many helpful tips. She was very encouraging and daily reached out to check on the progress/challenges. I truly appreciated her firm reassurance. Within a week and a half, our lives have changed 180 degrees! Ayla naps on schedule, she falls asleep by herself often within minutes and sleeps throughout the night. We not only got our bed back, we got our evenings back, my days are predictable and easier to plan, and I’m a much calmer, happier mom. Thank you Amy!!!”
Sturgeon County, AB
"We were stuck in a cycle of our newborn co-sleeping with me, resulting in my husband sleeping on the couch. We would try to put Iris in the crib or bassinet but she would cry and protest and because we were in survival mode I would pull her back into bed with me and my husband remained on the couch. This went on for close to 4 months before reaching out to Amy with Refresh Sleep Solutions. My marriage was suffering, my mental health was suffering and I was definitely not being the best mama I could be to my toddler and infant during the day. My husband would come home from working a 14-16 hour day and be able to do little more than fall asleep right away. We were both exhausted. Reaching out to Amy - not only was she able to provide me the tools to be able to help Iris get the restorative sleep she needed but also was able to help validate and normalize me while doing so and keeping me accountable to the plan when at times it felt like it would have been easier to go back to old habits. After the first night, when Iris slept in her own bed for the first time in 4 months and only woke up a couple of time as opposed to the numerous times in previous nights, I knew we were doing what was right for not only Iris but our family. Now Iris is sleeping through most of the night and is only up for 1 feed. Even if she wakes up more than this, more often than not, she is able to put herself back to sleep within a few minutes. My husband is back in our bed and we are all finally getting the sleep we had been deprived of. Working with Amy was the best thing for our family. She provided the support we needed in both a kind and assertive manner and because of this we are a more rested and happier household."
Sherwood Park, AB
"A week before Boaz hit 3 months he had a big sleep regression, he went from waking up once between 10:00pm and 6:00am to waking 4-5 times a night (and not to feed). I started reading a book that talked about the importance of sleep for babies development and knew this wasn’t sustainable for Boaz or for me! It was time to start sleep training! I am soooo beyond thankful for the help Amy has provided. I always thought sleep training meant leaving your little one to cry their heart out and was so happy to learn it isn’t that at all! I got to sit with Boaz while he learned this new skill of putting himself to sleep and watch as he started to prefer napping in his crib to anywhere else! Within days he was back to waking only once a night (to eat), only now that once a night is between 6:30/7:30pm - 6:00-7:00am!! He is more refreshed, I’m more refreshed and it has allowed for me to spend more time and attention on my daughter and hubby in the evenings too, so everybody is winning!! Thank you Amy!!!"
Edmonton, AB